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I've always dreamt of writing the next epic love story. To deliver a tale so enthralling it would remind us all that true love still exist in more than the pages of a book or a movie screen. To bring to life an emotion that would intimately connect with my readers.  A story that would touch their hearts and secretly reveal their most hidden desire; To find true love.  


If I can manage to do this, then I have succeeded.  However, to create this, I must first become a master of my trade. I must learn, study and write until I can achieve such success.  In my journey of continuing education and scouring the internet for anything that would help me, I have come upon resources which have allowed me to build upon my foundation.   Below I have included my all-time favorite websites, books, podcast, and courses which have helped me immensely, and I hope will help you as you develop your path to success. 







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