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When I first started writing I was hungry to get my hands on anything and everything surrounding developing my craft and learning about the self-publishing industry. Every conference I attended, blog post I read, or podcast I listened to, I would jot down the books the guest speaker or other authors would recommend. I found some books that didn't work for me and others that were a perfect fit. Below is a list of my all-time favorite books and have made a great impact on my writing career and may be worth adding to your library.

My Favorite Books on Writing 

The rural traits thesaurus.jpg
A guide for screen writers.jpg
the urban settings thesaurus.jpg
Show don't tell.jpg
the negative traits thesaurus.jpg
The emotional wound thesaurus.jpg
The only grammer book you will ever need
The positive Traits Thesaurus.jpg
Screenwriting Tricks for Authors.jpg