The Key To My Heart

If I stay, he will kill me.

If I leave, he will hunt me down.

My only option–rely on the handsome stranger who sees me as nothing but charity.

For Katherine, the end came slowly. Her husband Brad, a spec ops airmen, hasn't been well for some time now. At first, she thought it would pass, but his PTSD has only been getting worse. And so has his drinking.


With tensions at an all-time high, Kat threatens to take their two kids and leave if Brad doesn't seek help. Brad begs her to at least wait until he returns from his deployment. At first, Kat agrees, but when she receives a picture of Brad with another woman, she decides enough is enough. It's time to go.


But no one said building a new life would be easy. Working two jobs and living out of a small one-bedroom apartment in Seattle, Katherine still rebukes the charity of Charles Hamilton, a high-flying city lawyer who visits her diner one night. But Brad's deployment has ended, and with his final whispered threat— "If you take my kids away from me, I will kill you"—at the forefront of her mind, Kat finds she might need Charles more than she ever expected...


The Key to My Heart is the exciting and touching tale of one woman's triumph over adversity and is a must for fans of thrillers and romance alike

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