The Man of My Dream

She was forbidden– loving her would destroy us both. So instead, I became her enemy. It was the only way I knew to stay away from her–until now...

After spending over a decade in the Air Force, Staff Sergeant Elena Garcia is more than ready to hang up her uniform and pursue her secret passion: writing novels that capture the love and romance she always longed for.

But when a rival from her past comes barreling back, Elena will stop at nothing to make the arrogant Captain Daniel Grant pay for making her life a living hell seven years ago. With destiny on her side, Elena plans her ultimate vendetta.

Captain Daniel Grant is brash, bold and damn good at blowing enemies out of the sky. None have dared to challenge him outright, except the feisty Latina staff sergeant whose memory still makes blood boil- and heart race. Feeling fate has dealt him a new hand, Daniel is ready to show the sexy and feisty staff sergeant what kind of man he can truly be and finally make up for his past mistakes. 

But can Elena let go of the past to find a future with the one man that she vowed to destroy?

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